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back in business soon

2017-04-20 03:46:33 by beowolf666

Having finally picked my life back up from the ground that it smashed into, when it was dumped off the perverbial cliff know as life, im finally getting my replacment laptop and can start up again. 

New flash: Westwing on hold

2016-11-02 10:21:18 by beowolf666

Well West wing 2 is on hold for now, I wanna get some other stuff out.

well im finally getting suff organized and the inbettween flash is in progress. Im asking tom for a horror genre so it has a proper place to go. Wish me luck.

The West Wing: Night 2

2014-12-06 22:59:49 by beowolf666

First i apoligise for not getting a mini chapter out, i did write one but put it into the game script instead... it just didn't seem right  due to wanting to make it visual for the spooky aspect and for that im sorry. Getting ready to start working more on Night 2 with Herace. Im thinking of adding more interaction a.k.a clicking on objects, picking up items (maybe im not sure if i want to add item using yet any input is welcome), making it more indepth with more choices and endings. One last thing if any of my friends or followers want to see there name in the game (part of the background, in a readable note, or even  just a random "blank was here" on a wall, let me know and it will be so, because i wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for all the wonderfull feedback and fans. I only have space for a few  so the first five to comment get the slot.

The West Wing: night 2

2014-11-01 04:50:36 by beowolf666

Well we made it through judgment. Also it seems that people like it and await #2, well im working on that script. Number 2 will be more indepth and will take some time. Both Herace and myself will be working on other things as well but we shall devote what time we can to this, i wont rush to get stuff out... quality takes time. I will post "mini" chapters in my update area to fill in the space between the games to keep things going for those who are interested.


To what fans i have, thankyou for playing, reading, and subscribing


                                                                                                -- Beowolf666

The West Wing update

2014-10-31 01:02:33 by beowolf666

Well its up in judgement, We are crossing our fingers.

The West Wing Update

2014-10-27 03:51:47 by beowolf666

Well things are going good, its being fine tuned. my guy herace is one hell of an artist and was spot on with what i wanted... talk about mind what else... well were releasing it on halloween. i might need a beta tester other than myself... any body want to help?

The West Wing: Chapter 1

2014-07-26 22:06:10 by beowolf666

Well as you know im working with my friend, Herace, on a visual novel called The West Wing. Its an adaption from the actaul story im writing. The chapter one game script has been finalized and im just waiting on the programming from Herace. Theres going to be some differences from the actual story which is in first person so it can become a choose your destiny type game. I'm posting the story itself on some scary story sites (maybe creepypasta) and so far its looking good. I will post it on my news feed after the game has been posted and you can see the differences. Were shooting for halloween. Wish us luck.